Panelcraft Auto Restoration Ltd are Ashburton’s experts in car restoration,
providing the following services:

  • All insurance and private work

  • Computerised 3D measuring

  • Spot welding

  • Sand blasting

  • Repair certification work

  • Rust repairs

  • Custom panel work

  • Collision Repairs

  • Ruralco, CRT & Farmlands Members

  • Vehicle restoration

  • Classical car restoration

  • Auto spray painting

  • Hand crafted panels and parts

  • Repair certification work

  • Panel and paint repairs

  • Panel beating

  • Loan cars

  • Part Pay



You might have dreamed for years about finally having your favourite vehicle brought back to life.
You probably remember the feel of driving it, its look and its sound – isn’t it about time you took it to the classic car restoration professionals?
Don’t wait any longer – create new family memories by contacting Panelcraft Auto Restoration Ltd in the South Island. Don’t let procrastination get between you and your wheels’ We strive for perfection, and will treat your vehicle with the utmost professional care until it’s back on the road, good as new.


Panelcraft Auto Restoration Ltd are the South Islands experts in car restoration. We provide:
– Classical car restoration
– Hand crafted panels and parts
– Panel and paint repairs
– Rust repairs
– Custom

Classic and vintage car restoration is our passion. Once we’re finished our repairs will be completely invisible and undetectable. Contact our friendly and approachable team today to see what we can do for you!


Panel Auto Restoration Ltds expertise when it comes to classic cars is a key factor in our high level of success.
Our car restoration services are available for anyone – our clients ages range from 18 to retired, they are from all walks of life and all need different services on their vehicles. We love meeting new customers and appreciate our loyal customers who return time after time.

Call us in Ashburton to find out more about our services


The team at Panelcraft Auto Restoration Ltd is the best in its field. We’re industry leaders when it comes to panel beating services, with quality results and prices that can’t be beaten.

With a staff of twelve, including Duncan the owner, we are Canterbury’s locally owned and operated team. We are happy to offer repair certification, private and insurance work. Let us help take the stress out of your minor accident by providing the finest panel beating services in Canterbury.


Our team of panel beaters can handle any job, big or small. From minor repairs including dings and scratches to major body work such as panel replacement, we’re the team to call. Our experience means we’ve encountered most situations previously. which means a higher level of efficiency and better results for you.


Panelcraft Auto Restoration Ltd’s panel beaters are perfectionists. And that means better results for you. Our team is not happy unless its impossible to detect their work once they’re finished. With a strong dedication to a flawless finish it’s no surprise that Panelcraft Auto Restoration Ltd’s customers regularly report their high level of satisfaction with our panel beating services.


The efficiency and reliability of our car restoration services results in reduced turn-around times. No one likes their car being off the road, so let Panelcraft Auto Restoration Ltd take care of your smash repairs and we’ll get you moving again sooner.

For a flawless finish, call Panelcraft Auto restoration today.